Monday, 14 November 2016

My 5 Favourite Apps Right Now

Good evening ,

I hope your Monday was great (well, as great as a Monday could get). This week was a busy week for me. Why, you may ask? Well, I GRADUATED from law school!! :) :) and it was also my boyfriends birthday so I had a very busy week.. CELEBRATING!

But, Monday struck. And it's back to reality. I can't exactly complain, because I had a delightful week, but scrolling through photos just makes me wish it didn't have to end. On the plus side, every week that goes by is a week closer to Christmas... so I really can't complain.

Lately, I've been using all sorts of different apps to try and make me feel as in control as possible. I've decided to jot down my five favourite apps right now, and what makes them so special.

1) Instagram

This is an obvious one. I'm pretty sure it's nearly everybody's favourite app. But I really do love Instagram, mainly because I am obsessed with taking photos, editing them & just making my feed as pretty as possible. And with an exciting week like the one I just had, there's nothing better than editing your favourite photos and posting them to Instagram, for your friends to see and mostly, for such memories to be stored :)

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Speaking about Instagram, UNUM is a gem I recently stumbled upon when scrolling through the app store. This app works with Instagram, and allows you to edit photos and see what they would look like on your Instagram feed before posting them. It also allows you the possibility of posting the picture automatically at a particular time (if for e.g. you wouldn't be able to manually post it yourself). This app has made me feel extremely in control of my Instagram feed, and has helped me develop a consistent theme on my Instagram.

3) Boomerang

This is a really fun app, which also works with Instagram (and has recently launched on Snapchat Story too). I really enjoyed making use out of this in the past week with friends. This app creates a very short video clips which loop back and forth to create a very fun and cool effect. It's perfect for capturing great moments in mini videos that will make you smile whenever you watch them back.

4) Pinterest

I love love love Pinterest as it's the perfect app for your daily dose of inspiration. I turn to Pinterest whenever I need any sort of inspiration; whether this is for makeup, hairstyles, gift ideas or room decor. This app is also super easy to use, as you simply type key words and it automatically generates all images that would be useful to what you're searching for. Having an account also means that you could post your own photos, and possibly be someone else inspiration.

5) Calm

And last, but not least, an app which has helped me to relax and breathe during all those times when anxiety got the best of me (and for those of you who suffer from anxiety, you'd know that these busier weeks are when it hits you the hardest). Calm is an app which provides meditation techniques for "stress reduction". Although I don't use this app every day like I should, I turn to it on those days when I really feel like I need some help relaxing... and it works wonders. Just imagine how effective it would be if I were to use it daily.

These are definitely my favourite apps right now. These apps are all free on the app store (although you can pay for upgrades for Calm) and I've really been enjoying lately.

What are your favourite apps? Let me know in the comments below.


Lexie Rose May X

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