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Travel Tips: ROME | Lexie Rose May

Good evening 

After travelling to Rome at the beginning of this month, I couldn't help but feel insanely inspired to write a blog post about this beautiful city.

Seeing that I was only there for a long weekend, my time was relatively limited. But nevertheless, I still got to experience the beautiful Roman culture, eat the delicious Italian food, visit the well-known historical sites and shop in some of the most stunning shopping roads in Europe (yes, I am mostly referring to Via Condotti 😍). 

Following this wonderful trip, I formulated a list of tips for anyone travelling to Rome:

1. Walk Around

Forget about catching taxis (unless you're going somewhere on the outskirts). You experience most of Rome's beautiful culture by simply walking around and taking in all that's around you. 

2. Stop for Coffees

REGULARLY. Every time you feel like a small break from walking, or just need a little more energy in the form of caffeine to keep going, walk into the first coffee shop/bar you see. You won't regret it. The coffee in Italy is so creamy that it slides down the throat with such ease. I looked forward to every single coffee break. (PS: You also start to feel like an Italian local too... especially if you drink the coffee standing at the bar) (PPS: Highly recommend the coffee shop Sant Eustachio)

3. Keep a morning free to visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill 

The beauty of these ancient sites is out of this world. For an in depth and thorough understanding about what used to go on in these areas, I would recommend investing in an audio guide. Also, I do recommend visiting this area in the morning, as it tends to get busier as the day goes by. 

4. Visit Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona and Fontana di Trevi in the daytime and nighttime:

Seeing them in the light vs. seeing them in the dark is a completely different experience, and you definitely won't regret visiting them twice. Piazza Navona is extremely lively at night and if you'd like to take a funny souvenir home, there'll be plenty of caricature artists displaying their talent at night

5. Visit the shopping streets: 

If you're an adamant shopper or if you simply prefer to window shop, just be sure to walk down the shopping streets in Rome. More specifically, be sure to make your way down Via del Corso (for all the high street shops) and Via Condotti (for the more.. you know.. $$$). Via Condotti leads straight to Piazza di Spagna, so you could also use the walk as an excuse to get to the famous Spanish steps. 

6. Eat your heart out: 

May I remind you that Italy is known for its pizza & pasta, so please be sure to eat as many carbs as you possible are able to when visiting Rome. You won't regret it. And if your jeans start to feel a little tight, refer to point 5 above and buy yourself a pair of leggings/tracksuit trousers. A few restaurant recommendations, which I absolutely loved are: 
- Pane e Salame (delicious sandwiches - there may be a queue outside but it's worth the wait),
- Ristorante Alla Rampa 
- Osteria de Memmo (delectable Spaghetti Carbonara)
- Novana Notte (delicious pizza) 
- Ristorante al 34
- Giolitti (hands down, the best ice cream I have ever tasted & also recommended by Romans as being the best ice cream shop in Rome) 

I hope this post was helpful to anyone with an upcoming trip to Rome, or at least, I hope it made anyone reading this wish they were in Rome. It surely made me wish I was back there.

Do you have any tips on traveling to Rome?


Lexie Rose May X 

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