Saturday, 22 October 2016

My Blog Renaissance | Lexie Rose May

Hello again. I'm back. For good this time. 

This is my blog rebirth, or 'renaissance' as I like to call it. It's a fresh start to a blog that has existed for a little while, but has never got the attention it requires. 

I started this blog around a year ago (more or less), knowing that blogging is something I've always wanted to do and simply love doing. I spend a lot of time thinking about this blog; jotting down post ideas, taking photos that can perfectly bring to life the words I write. I also look at this platform as my escape route whenever reality just gets a little too much to handle. And my blogging journey so far has been great (the little bit I've done). 

However, I'm a law student in my 20's - struggling to balance my studies, my social life and my relationship, and unfortunately, when I get caught up in all of that, I start to find very little time for my blog. 

BUT I've decided that I need to start blogging again and putting much more effort into making this blog what I want it to be. I've always desired to be a blogger - blogging about the things I love: Beauty, Fashion, Food, Travel, Life! But it's definitely time consuming, which is an obstacle that has hindered me from creating the blog of my dreams. 

Chasing your dreams is never easy, but is definitely not impossible... So I invite you to join me on my journey of chasing mine - becoming a blogger/lawyer, travelling the world whilst embracing my huge passion for all things makeup and fashion (a bit farfetched, I know - but that's why its called a dream!)

Stay tuned for more from me,


Lexie Rose May 


  1. So glad you're back!! I really enjoyed your blog so this is awesome.
    Holly x

    1. Thank you so much <3 That's so lovely to hear. XX