Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Perfect Nude Lip

Being a girl who loves wearing a bold lip, finding a nude that I actually loved has been a difficult journey. I've tried all different shades, of all different brands, and just couldn't find one that complemented my skin colour. It always seemed like a nude lip and I were never meant to be - so whenever I just wanted a neutral lip colour, I would just slab on some lip balm and be done with it.

But this has changed thanks to my discovery of Mac's beautiful shade - Velvet Teddy. This colour is just the perfect nude colour, with enough brown undertone to give the lip some deep colour, but topped with a gorgeous pink tone to made it the most natural of shades.

Along with this lipstick, I use the lipliner 'Soar' by Mac, which also is a beautiful neutral shade. It's that slightly bit darker than the lipstick but it ends up blending together perfectly, and leaves an almost shadow around your lips, making your lips look that little bit more plump (and if your lips are thin like mine are, it's definitely something you want!).

Overall, I am super excited with this new find and can finally say I've discovered the perfect nude lip for myself, and for many others. The great thing about this lipstick is that it suits EVERY skin tone, as it would complement a pale skin tone due to the brown undertone, but also accentuates an olive skin tone due to the pink undertone.

Do you have a perfect nude shade?


Lexie Rose May X

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Completing Your Goals

And so, the last month of summer begins.

There's something about the month of September that I just love. Perhaps it's the fact that I know the winter months are soon approaching, and along with the winter months comes my favourite period - Christmas.

But apart from that, September makes me feel hopeful in completing all the things I had planned for the summer. All those evening beach walks, ice-cream dates and seaside days suddenly need to be crammed into one month.

All my goals for the summer suddenly need to be completed (and that's scary when in reality, I'm so far from completing the majority of them). My main goal for this summer was working loads on my blog by updating it continuously - but unfortunately, that didn't go to plan since work/holidays just got in the way :(

I'm taking this last month to focus on my goals and hopefully still have them completed by the end of summer!

What were your goals for this summer?

Lexie Rose May X