Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Post-Christmas Blues

Hi everybody :) 

After months wondering about how to start off this blog, I thought what better way to start it off than to speak about the most wonderful time of the year? 

A time filled with laughter, shopping, family get- togethers, food. A time when all the most magnificently over-the-top Christmas jumpers are whipped out, and my Michael Bublè Christmas CD is played on repeat. Mulled wine, present wrapping, tree decorating: All SO exciting.
Hence the horrible recoil effect that occurs when Christmas and New Year pass, and it’s January. And you’re carrying all the extra holiday weight. Suddenly, all that cheery spirit disappears and reality hits. And as you get ready for work, or for school, (or for University exams in my case), after such a beautifully lengthy holiday period, you cant help but remind yourself that the magical time is still a year away. That means that you have to wait one year to wear that new Christmas jumper that you bought in the post-Christmas sale, and it’s another year before the exciting Christmas shopping begins again, and yes, another year before you can peel open those little boxes on the advent calendars, and eat that chocolate a day without feeling guilty.

So as I write my first blog, after a long day sitting at my desk, feeling the least glamorous a girl could feel, this is all I can think about. Why cant it just be Christmas time all year round? Am I the only one feeling such strong Christmas withdrawal symptoms?

Lexie Rose May

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